District Plan Committee Meeting Minutes

23 November 2023


   MINUTES OF Western Bay of Plenty District Council
District Plan Committee Meeting No. DP23-2
HELD IN THE Council Chambers, 1484 Cameron Road, Tauranga
ON Thursday, 23 November 2023 AT On the conclusion of the Community Committee meeting starting at 1.30pm


1                 Present

Deputy Mayor J Scrimgeour (Chairperson), Cr M Grainger, Cr G Dally, Mayor J Denyer,        Cr A Henry and Cr M Murray-Benge.

2                Staff Attendance

R Davie (Deputy CEO/General Manager Strategy and Community), A Curtis (General Manager Regulatory Services), G Golding (Governance Manager), R Leahy (Governance Advisor) and H Wi Repa (Governance Systems Advisor).

Others Present

R Goudie (Waihī Beach Community Board Chairperson).

3                Apologies


4               Declarations of Interest


5                Reports

5.1          Appointment of Independent Commissioners for resource consent hearings

The Committee considered a report dated 23 November 2023 from the Environmental Consents Manager. The report was taken as read with the following comments made:

·                The General Manager Regulatory Services noted that the executive summary was missing one of the resource consent numbers that stipulated the requirement to appoint commissioners.

·                The recommended commissioners for RC13360L were experienced commissioners. Rob Van Voorthuysen and James Whetu were both appointed to the Tinex Group Ltd Resource Consent Hearing. Fraser Campbell had a background in engineering and was on the preferred commissioner list for Western Bay of Plenty and Bay of Plenty Regional Councils

Resolution  DP23-2.1

Moved:         Cr M Murray-Benge

Seconded:   Cr A Henry

1.        That the Environmental Consents Manager’s report dated 16 November titled ‘Appointment of Independent Commissioners for resource consent hearings’ be received.

2.       That the report relates to an issue considered to be of low significance in terms of Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy.

3.       That Council delegates the necessary functions to consider and determine Resource Consent applications RC13360L, RC13982L, and RC13936V01.

4.       That Council appoints the following accredited Commissioners for Resource Consent applications RC13360L, RC13982L, and RC13936V01:

a.   Rob Van Voorthuysen, James Whetu, and Fraser Campbell to hear and determine the notified resource consent RC13360L for Te Puna Industrial Limited.

b.   Alan Withy to determine RC13982L for Jeffrey Family Trust.

c.   Alan Withy to hear and determine RC13936V01 for Te Puke Land Company Limited.



The Meeting closed at 3.43pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Council meeting held on                                14 December 2023.