Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum Meeting Minutes

2 March 2021


   MINUTES OF Western Bay of Plenty District Council
Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum Meeting No. KWB21-1
HELD AT THE Centre Pātuki Manawa, 21 Main Road, Katikati
ON Tuesday, 2 March 2021 AT 7.00pm


1            Present

Cr J Denyer (Chairperson) and Cr A Henry.

2            In Attendance

M Taris (Chief Executive Officer), G Allis (Deputy CEO/Group Manager Infrastructure Services),         J Osborne (Governance Support Administrator) and C Irvin (Senior Governance Advisor).



  D Fraser (Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association), J Davison (Katikati Memorial Hall Committee), Jacqui Knight (Katch Katikati), David Marshall (Pathways for Rangatahi and Young People), Nicky Austin (Waihi Beach Events and Promotions) and Cindy Clare (Waihi Beach Events and Promotions).

  Cr M Grainger (Western Bay of Plenty District Council (WBOPDC)) and Cr N Bruning (Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC)).


3            APOLOGY


Resolution  KWB21-1.1

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

That the apology for absence from Mayor G Webber be accepted.



4            Consideration of Late Items


5            Declarations of Interest


6            Public Excluded Items


7            Public Forum

Public Forum Adjourn Meeting

Resolution  KWB21-1.2

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

That the meeting adjourn for the purpose of holding a public forum.



A.   Anna Schroeder – Live Well Project Waihi Beach and Community Response Teams


·         The Live Well Waihi Beach Project aimed to identify and amplify community groups and services, a large part of which was creating a central connection point in the Waihi Beach community that people and wider service providers could come to.

·         Great inroads had been made over the last four months in order to link-in with important players that could help Waihi Beach in reaching its community goals.

·         The Live Well Waihi Beach Project started as a COVID-19 lockdown response to connect and support people in the community.

·         A meeting was held on 14 February 2021, which brought together groups that played key roles in community preparedness.  It was a very productive gathering of people with shared interests, who set about identifying ways to connect and provide support for the community and vulnerable people, should there be another lockdown.  The need for community preparedness would be a continued discussion with the aim of providing support in the best possible capacity.

·         The Live Well Waihi Beach Project had been connecting and working closely with the Katikati Community Centre, acknowledging the work of Angela Wallace, who they had been working closely with and which was yielding good results.

·         Bringing various community groups together had allowed Live Well Waihi Beach Project to collect valuable demographic, groups and services data, providing a good representation of the community.  This would be collated and documented to help with future planning for the community.

·         Cr Henry spoke on behalf of Marilyn Roberts (Waihi Beach Community Board).  The majority of the Waihi Beach Community felt that the Live Well Waihi Beach Project was a vital part of the community.  The immediate response of their teams during the February 2021 COVID-19 lockdown, who came together in a very short space of time and put together plans to support the community, was something that the Waihi Beach Community Board fully supported. They intended to put a submission into the next Annual Plan to allow this work to continue.


B.   Lawrie Donald – Project Parore


Mr Donald spoke to a power point presentation noting the following points:


·         Katikati Hills to Ocean H20 Improvement Project

Funding of $500,000 from the Ministry for the Environment (MfE).

·         Jobs for Nature

Funding of $1.7 million. A project of five years’ duration to improve stream/river water quality, protect stream margins and wetlands, improve stream/estuary habitat and aquatic biodiversity and recreational opportunities.

·         Who Are We?

Uretara Estuary Managers Incorporated (UEMI) operated under the trade name of ‘Project Parore’.

Help Katikati was an operational arm of Project Parore.  All community involvement would be maintained and protected as the original Society intended.

·         Existing Programmes Included:

Catchment Management Plans, Dung Beetles and fish passage, bird walk and coastal walkways, clean up of streams, advocating for clean water, riparian (relating to or situated on the banks of a river) planting and Help Katikati.

·         Example Ecological Monitoring

Te Mania Catchment – Ecological monitoring as part of Project Parore was carried out during 2018 and 2019, most of it being done by local Te Mania residents.

·         Council as Partners

For: information sources, landowner agreements, legislative permissions, commitment, funding and Council land rehabilitation contracts.

·         Our UEM Outcomes To Date

Reduction of suspended sediment in streams, increased awareness about catchment issues, willingness by landowners to initiate environmental programmes, improved instream and terrestrial habitat, great education opportunity for students/landowners and extension of monitoring networks.

·         Funding Objectives

Improve stream water quality, increase fresh water biodiversity, habitat protection and enhanced collaborative management of fresh water and our estuary.

·         The Reality Is Not What People Think

The forests and patches of bush had become hostile to wildlife.  Many birds, lizards and other wildlife had become locally extinct. The forests were quiet and nocturnal pests scuffled through the bush, robbing the forest of any vestige of wilderness.  Some species were extinct and many were in serious decline.  The focus was to control key predators that took a massive toll on birdlife.  Other monitoring surveys had shown recovery of insect populations and moss and fern cover on trunks.


Public Forum Meeting Reconvened

Resolution  KWB21-1.3

Moved:       Cr A Henry

Seconded:  Cr J Denyer

That the meeting reconvene in formal session.



8            Presentations


9            Minutes for Receipt

9.1         Minutes of the Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum Meeting held on 3 December 2020

Resolution  KWB21-1.4

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

That the Minutes of the Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum Meeting held on 3 December 2020, be received.



10          Reports

10.1       Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum Minute Action Sheet.

The Committee considered a report dated 2 March 2021 from the Senior Governance Advisor.  The report was taken as read.


Resolution  KWB21-1.5

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

         That the report from the Senior Governance Advisor dated 2 March 2021 titled ‘Katikati-Waihi Beach Ward Forum Minute Action Sheet’, be received.



11          Workshop

Suspension of Standing Orders

Resolution  KWB21-1.6

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

That Standing Orders be suspended for the purpose of holding a Workshop.



11.1       Workshop Items

An update was provided on the following items:

A.   Cr Denyer – Kerbside Rubbish Collection Update and LTP Consultation



·     The delivery of bins would start on 1 May 2021 and the service would start on 1 July 2021. 

·     The CEO advised that there were still some logistic issues being addressed, particularly in relation to rural areas.  The plan was to make the ‘roll out’ as smooth as possible.

·      It was confirmed that only residential areas (where there was a dwelling) would receive the service and not businesses.

·      The Deputy CEO confirmed that, in the first instance, the Community would be relied upon to help those who could be in need of assistance with the service.

·      Anyone requiring information could call through to the WBOPDC Contact Centre, place an enquiry and it would be answered in due course.  It was important to remember that, due to the large number of calls being received each day, it could take more than a day to receive an answer.


Long Term Plan (LTP)

·        Consultation for the Long Term Plan for 2021 to 2031 would open on 8 March 2021 and run to 9 April 2021. 

·        Hard copy forms for submissions were available at local libraries/service centres or there was an option to go online at haveyoursay.westernbay.govt.nz.

·        An LTP community event would be held at the Waihi Beach Community Centre on 27 March 2021 from 4pm to 7pm. 

·        There would be a lot of opportunity to get involved and ‘have your say’.  Council was wanting input and feedback from across the community and district.


B.  Don Fraser – Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association

·       It was felt that the Waihi Beach Community was doing well at the moment, experiencing a real sense of unity. 

·         There was a willingness at this time for the Community Centre to 'repurpose’ to create a Community Hub, with a lot of residents involved in discussions and in support at this time.

·         There was a need for Waihi Beach residents to show Council that people were backing each other to have a unified community plan and community centre. The Community Board needed to be on the same page with this as well.  However, this needed to be driven/lead by residents outside of the Community Board. 

·         There was a need for strong leadership and a united approach, working together to be able to approach Council.   It was felt that, in the past, Council had been expected to do too much, and that the Waihi Beach Community needed to work together more effectively to be able to apply for and receive Council funding for the Community and its projects. 

·         The right people on the right path were needed in terms of leadership – people who could lead change and work towards getting a Community Hub established.

·         They had a database of 800 people that included the MenzShed, Focus Group and the Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association.  

·         It was also important to liaise and work together with the Katikati Community.

·         A ‘Community Hub’ would provide services for people in need, such as senior residents needing help with money, technology and health issues, but in particular for mental health issues which were very prevalent in Waihi Beach. It was envisaged that two people could provide a raft of services to the community and report to a Board formed by community leaders.  

·         It was asked that Council provide sample rubbish bins at the April 2021 Waihi Beach Focus Group meeting to show (particularly seniors residents) how the new Kerbside Rubbish Collection would work.

·         The Waihi Beach Hall Committee supported a ‘Community Hub’ for Waihi Beach.

·         Cr Henry fully supported the idea of a Waihi Beach Community Hub, saying that it would fit very well with the Library and Service Centre.  However, the location of this was a very divided issue amongst the community at the moment and this needed to be resolved in order to move forward.


C.  Jim Davison – Chairman Katikati Memorial Hall Committee


·         In 1943, Cr Henry’s grandfather had discussions about building a hall and then in 1946, creating an ‘Incorporated Society’.  Local residents then raised money and the ‘Katikati Memorial Hall’ opened in 1954.

·         The Katikati Memorial Hall had been maintained, upgraded and cared for over the last 75 years by dedicated Katikati residents who had worked tirelessly and volunteered a lot of time.

·         The Hall belonged to the Committee Trust on behalf of the Katikati Community.

·         The Hall was often in constant use all day and some prospective bookings were turned away due to there being no capacity.

·         The Committee had plenty to do, including upgrading the back and centre stage, upgrading  wiring and toilets, the installation of storm drains and considering and implementing the earthquake proofing, which was expected to cost a lot of money.

·         At this point in time the Hall had capacity to cater for large (cultural) events but would perhaps get to the stage where it was not big enough sometime in the near future.  At the moment, it could accommodate about 500 people, although there were not many events that needed to accommodate this number of attendees.

·         Mr Davison thank Jacqui Knight for the administration services of booking events for the Hall.


D.  Jacqui Knight – Katch Katikati


·        The events scene was a little shaky at moment with the ‘Festival of Cultures’ cancelled due to      COVID-19, however, plans were proceeding for the ‘Blokes and Shed Ramble’.

·        There would be a ‘Volunteer Expo’ in May of this year, which would showcase what various volunteer groups do and give them an opportunity to tell their story.

·        The ‘New Zealand Mural and Arts Festival’ was planned for the whole month of October. Funding applications were being prepared and they were knocking on corporate doors.

·        There would be a Katikati Avocado Food and Wine Festival Trust meeting this month to see where things sit at this time.  The event would no longer be staffed and run by volunteers but would be run as a commercial venture.  This was an iconic event for Katikati, that had grown in numbers over the years, and the Trust needed to decide if they wanted to run the event as a commercial venture or whether the event had done its time.  The Trust was aware of numbers having to ‘stack up’ and also of their responsibilities.

·        Katch Katikati was still working with Council developing walk and cycle ways around urban Katikati.  There were some small gaps to fill with the aim to get a good track right around the Peninsula of the Beach Road area.  They were working together with the WBOPDC Roading Engineer West, to highlight either Park Beach or Tetley Road signs to raise awareness of people on bikes.

·        Katikati was the ‘Avocado Capital’ of New Zealand and Katch Katikati was working with Council to upgrade the playground between the Museum and the Arts Junction, putting an ‘Avocado’ flavour to it.  Installations were scheduled to be put in place in June 2021.

·        A town centre plan review was coming up and Katch Katikati would like to work on beautifying the town paths and upgrading the main street.

·        The ‘Arts Junction’ was going well and in their second year of operation. Gallery bookings were progressing well and theatre movies were picking up.  Visitor Information Centre numbers were down slightly from 2019/2020.

·        Pending a final ‘tick-off’ through the LTP, the Waitekohekohe Reserve was looking like a positive project.  

·        Meetings had been held with local Iwi who had identified areas of archaeological significance.  One of these sites was up on a section of roadside and another was located on a ‘stage four’ track, which would have to be re-routed. 

·        Katch Katikati had a big plan to replant natives and do pest control down both sides of Waitekohekohe stream and would like to potentially build new tracks (they were already in partnership with Project Parore).

·        They were hoping that within the next two years Waitekohekohe Reserve would become a popular destination for outdoor activities, including mountain biking and horse riding.

·        Cr Henry advised that there was one proposed bridge crossing over the river. Ultimately, a bridge would be good but there was still a lot of discussion around this with the ‘jury still out’.  However, the hope was to get a bridge.

·        Lawrie Donald advised that the site proposed for a bridge was currently not ideal.  There was a site downstream that was better suited.

·        Cr Denyer advised that the Katikati Community Board’s first draft of the Community and Town Centre Plan was in early stages but was progressing.


E.  David Marshall – Pathways for Rangatahi and Young People


·        There were various factors affecting young people in the community trying to obtain employment in the district.

·        A meeting was held with Katikati College and the Ministry of Education (MoE), out of which came several requests.  It became clear that there was a ‘gap’ in youth leaving school who wanted to gain employment but finding it difficult to do so.

·        There were issues of ‘where to go’ for employment in Katikati – children did not want to be following in their parents footsteps.

·        A ‘Pathways Hui’ was held where a review and a focus on areas of pathways for Katikati youth was considered.


Power Point Presentation:

Update on Katikati Taiao DIA Community-Led Development Project: Engaging Rangatahi &

Young People in Positive Pathways:


Project Purpose

·        To compile a review of the status, available support and future needs of 14 to 24 year-old NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) within the catchment area of Katikati College (Waihi Beach to Pahoia).

·        To foster implementation of community-led solutions where needed.


Project Scope:

·         Analysis of the size and characteristics of the ‘NEETs’ population in the catchment area.

·         Inventory of locally engaged agencies, educational organisations, businesses and organisations defining the support and services they currently offer to ‘NEETs’.

·         Focus Groups/Interviews with local 14 to 24 year old NEETs/Ex-NEETs/Pre-NEETs to identify their perceived barriers and solutions for successful transition from College to meaningful employment, training, or higher learning.

·         Inventory of Agencies and Organisations not currently engaged locally, who may be able to support future initiatives.

·         Gap analysis of current services and support versus community needs.

·         Recommendations on potential community solutions.


NEETs Feedback Overview

·        Youth Research Data collected included: types of participants and gender, ethnicity, qualifications gained at College, age leaving college, access to work which included driving licence status and use of bus services, relevant comments from ‘NEETs’, and Perceived Value of Potential Community Options.


Community Recommendations

·        Katikati Youth Pathways Club: Social Services and Health Support, Mentoring and Coaching Support, Active Engagement with Local and Regional Employers and Institutions and Agencies.

·        Leading Collaborating Organisations: Tamawhariua Health and Social Services and Katikati Community Centre.

·        Other Collaborating Organisations: Katikati Community Centre, Rereatukahia, Tuapiro, and Otawhiwhi Maraes, Katch Katikati, Uretara Estuary Managers - Project Parore, Katikati Taiao, MOU, Priority One, Ministry of Social Development (MSD), EmployNZ, Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Fruition, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, WBOPDC, and Komet AK. 


Youth Employability

·        The Youth Employability Programme (YEP) helped 14 to 24 year-olds to gain the insight, confidence and skills to get work, keep work and create careers. It built on the seven key employability skills that employers say they wanted:

o   Positive attitude;

o   Willingness to learn;

o   Communication;

o   Thinking skills;

o   Teamwork;

o   Resilience; and

o   Self-management.

·         YEP could be customised for the particular needs of the young person involved. The generic

     programme included:             

o  18 - 20 hours of skill-building workshops;

o  10 - 20 hours of voluntary work experience;

o  80 hours work experience with a local business;

o  Skills based assessment;

o  Workshops delivered by a skilled facilitator; and 

o  Young people would graduate with a 'Licence to Work' certificate. This showed employers that they were ‘work ready’.


Project Funding Status

·         $95,000 secured from DIA, TECT & BayTrust to employ a Youth Employment Coach, a Licence to Work Program, and other services.

·         Up to $40,000 was available from the Katikati Community Centre to support the 2021 program and the purchase of a second hand minibus.

·         The project was seeking community and business funding for additional needs to build an effective program.

·         He Poutama Rangatahi Youth Employment Pathways Fund submission Q2 2021, for 2022-2024.

·         The employment of Melody Lamb, as a Youth Employment Coach and Katikati Taiao - Alan Maxwell, as a Community Activator for Community Lead Development.


Financial Priorities

·        The purchase of a second-hand, 12-seater van, for transport and customisation (the majority of funding had been secured for this).

·        The purchase and outfitting of a Youth Employment ‘Office Caravan’ to improve access to schools and communities throughout the Ward, with an indicative budget of $25-$35K.

·        The employment of Angela Wallace as a Community Connector, Katikati Community Centre.



F.    Nicky Austin – Waihi Beach Events and Promotions


·         ‘Waihi Beach Events and Promotions’ worked on bringing many events and people to the town which included a designed marketing campaign and online social media.

·         It was recognised that, post lock-down, there was a considerable desire for people to get together individually and as a community. There had been difficulties with postponements, which had created a big rush at the end of the year, with a huge influx of full time residents who, in choosing to work from home, had moved to their beach residences. 

·         The ‘Ladies Lunch’ event at Waihi Beach was very pleasing, where 114 women got together to listen to inspirational speakers and raise money.

·         The Waihi Beach and Katikati Community Awards had been a great event as were the two ‘Movie in the Park’ events.  Both were very successful.

·         Coming into this year, Waihi Beach Events and Promotions was still looking at strategy, but putting on the usual events that they did every year.

·         Cindy Clare (Media Listing and Advertising Contact for Waihi Beach Events and Promotions) provided an overview of the Marketing Campaign where changes had been adopted. A brand new website, that was easier to navigate, had been created which contained updates and information for residents. This was still being built on, with new initiatives such as a seasonal magazine called ‘About Time’.  This provided local news and timely information.   

·         The social media audience had grown, which had included residents being reactive due to COVID-19.  

·         ‘Waihi Beach Events and Promotions’ aimed to work with businesses to be reactive if Auckland (or other) visitors could not come to Waihi Beach.  They advocated getting the local community behind local businesses.  The collating of information of Waihi Beach events enabled them to sell Waihi Beach as a ‘package’, streamlining brochures and offerings and making Waihi Beach more accessible.  Their vision was to be the best seaside village in New Zealand, to build relationships and become a trusted source of information.

·         Cr Denyer suggested Waihi Beach and Katikati working together to avoid a clash of events.


Resumption of Standing Orders

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Cr A Henry

That the meeting reconvene in formal session. 



Meeting adjourn

Resolution  KWB21-1.7

Moved:       Cr A Henry

Seconded:  Cr J Denyer

That the meeting be adjourned at 8.35pm on Tuesday, 2 March 2021 until Tuesday, 9 March 2021 at 3pm.




































MINUTES OF Western Bay of Plenty District Council
Katikati - Waihi Beach Ward Forum RECONVENED Meeting No. KWB21-1
ON Tuesday, 9 March 2021 at 3pm

12          Present

Cr J Denyer (Chairperson), Mayor G Webber.

13          In Attendance

M Taris (Chief Executive Officer), and C Irvin (Senior Governance Advisor).



Cr A Henry



Cr Denyer opened the reconvened meeting and welcomed all present.



Cr Denyer acknowledged the presentations from Anna Schroeder (Live Well Project Waihi Beach and Community Response Teams) and Lawrie Donald (Project Parore) and thanked them for their work done in the community.



Resolution  KWB21-1.8

Moved:       Mayor G Webber

Seconded:  Cr J Denyer

1.    That the presentation from Don Fraser, representing Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association, be received.


2.    That the Deputy CEO/Group Manager Infrastructure Services provide the following at the next Waihi Focus Group meeting on 5 April 2021:


a.    Samples of the bins that will be used for the Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection Services; and

b.    A presentation on how the new Kerbside Rubbish Collection will work.   


C.   Jim Davison – Chairman katikati Memorial Hall Committee

Resolution  KWB21-1.9

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Mayor G Webber

That the presentation from Jim Davison, Chairman Katikati Memorial Hall Committee, be received.






Resolution  KWB21-1.10

Moved:       Mayor G Webber

Seconded:  Cr J Denyer

That the presentation from Jacqui Knight, Katch Katikati, be received.



E.    David Marshall – pathways for rangatahi and young people

Resolution  KWB21-1.11

Moved:       Cr J Denyer

Seconded:  Mayor G Webber

That the power point presentation from David Marshall, Pathways for Rangatahi and Young People, be received.



F.    Nicky austin – waihi beach events and promotions

Resolution  KWB21-1.12

Moved:       Mayor G Webber

Seconded:  Cr J Denyer

That the presentation from Nicky Austin, Waihi Beach Events and Promotions, be received.



The meeting closed at 3.15pm